photos of a forest magical-forest                                                

Deep in the backwoods of the mind lays the soft undercurrent of desire;

We all have this desire, this burning need for that comforting pain,

The consuming pleasure of that thing…

That thing that haunts us, that we do not want to admit to, but

Nevertheless, we know the value of.


We find it every once in a while, looming in the darkness and decay

Of forgotten memories, in those times “long ago” and we find,

Well…we find that it is these things that we spend our life searching for.

If we do not search we feel that we will slowly cease to live, washing away

On the sands of time.


The shadows scare us and scathe the platitudes that we have created;

We see what we have become and turn away, looking for that smiling,

Reassuring face that we have become accustomed to.

That face of leisure and self-righteousness…

Staring into the shiny façade; we shun the truth.


The gurgling waters of our mind wash away the silence of the supine;

Our feelings cleansed by the hopes that we will never have to face our

Hoping but we know, we know well…

Do we know what we need or do we know only what we wish for?

Do we need those patient understandings, or do we want the pain of truth?


The search broadens and we discriminate against that lost highway, it is a goose-

Chase we know!

We do not care in the end and continue, enjoying the wooded walk that we know

Will come to no end.

Hoping, but we know, we know well…


The lie continues and slowly cures as it becomes the truth and we smile, once

Again at our happy times that send us reeling, a dope-induced euphoria that

We become accustomed to more and more.

Value is just a word in the end, as truth is just our justification of the lies that we live;

The consuming pleasure of the backwoods of our life.




  1. Mark, I look forward to reading your perspectives. All very inspiring and thought provoking. It’s been interesting reading about you latest adventure with the bees. Hope it works out for you. Enjoy your summer and like I said, I look forward to the next perspective. Jim and Le Ann Thompson

    1. Thanks for keeping up with this blog. I really appreciate and respect your insight. I do think that there are ideas which poetry is suited for. I’ve written poetry for years, but find that in the long run it leads me to philosophy.

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