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Locked in the CabinetLocked in the Cabinet by Robert B. Reich

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Robert Reich introduces the reader to an insider’s viewpoint of our illustrious government and the perspective is not always pretty. The book is billed as comedic literature and some of Reich’s writings are funny in that it is sometimes humor that pulls us through the dark times.

Reich spent four years working for the Clinton administration and (according to the book) watched Bill Clinton slowly give his most important goals away in the name of re-election. Reich battled with Greenspan over the importance to shareholders of the debt, and others to try to do the right thing: help the poor to work and educate the citizenry.

Locked in the Cabinet refers to the feeling that Reich felt being a part of Clinton’s cabinet and I am almost certain that those that followed in Reich’s shoes as a part of a presidential cabinet have felt the same frustration.

Locked in the Cabinet is not written in the same style as some of Reich’s other books in that it contains a lot of dialogue, not Reich’s strong point. While Reich’s perspective is incredibly insightful, the writing style of this particular book takes away from it’s particularly important content. Read the book for an intimate view into a Whitehouse that seems to be on fire nowadays and this book shows us the matches that started it.

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